Why Bees?

Many people who become beekeepers don't choose this as a chosen career, it is something that happens. If you are lucky you may have made this your chosen career, but for most it starts as an hobby and then evolves into either a full time vocation or a part time hobby.


We have mentioned previously bees have long been on this earth before the human race, they have evolved through time and developed as a super organism working for one cause only; 'Survival', the Queen heads the colony and is encouraged to spread her pheromones and lay eggs for the good of all. She plays a part like all the other bees, but if she fails in spreading pheromones or laying eggs or is diseased then she is doomed. She will be replaced. Everything about a colony is for the better cause of the colony, bees act as a community and what ever may be wrong they will put it right.


Many of us at Bee Environmental are beekeepers that have chosen to take a hands on approach to encourage bees to flourish. Bees are prone to disease, poison, and the effects modern man has had on the earth. Keeping bees any other way makes no sense and that is WHY Bees have become an issue for all humans to consider. 


Many of us don't give it a second passing thought but bees are worth £1.8B to our economy and so thinking about the global economy this could be worth much, much more. Not small money when you think about it and yet the humble bee is taken for granted.


At Bee Environmental we take the issue of keeping bees very serious, it is also why we are in a small way embarking on teaching future generations about keeping bees. If we can change the mindset of future farmers, politicians, doctors, ship builders, nurses, accountants, we think you may be getting the message.


This is 'WHY BEES', it is that important and why we have to help educate the children of today to prepare them for the future with bees in mind. We also have the enormous task of changing the mindset of today's adults to think positively about bees.