Bee Environmental - Man-Bee-Kind

You either love bees or hate them. Bees have been here longer than man but, that could change unless we start to take the plight of the honey bee and other pollinators seriously.


Bee Environmental - It's in the name, our aim is to promote, teach and harvest a better understanding for the INTERACTION of Mankind with Bees and other pollinators.


Much has been said about the decline of bees, some groups point to modern intensive farming, bad land management and the use of pesticides and chemicals to improve crop yeilds, some say radio waves caused by mobile technology are a problem. One thing is for sure what ever the cause maybe it cannot continue as it will be a sure thing that bees will become extinct if we continue to ignore their decline. We can do our bit by lobbying our MP's and join organisations such as Friends of the Earth, Green Peace or the Soil Association to make our voice heard and get active with action. 


This is not just a UK problem! It's GLOBAL. Many governments around the world need to stop and think of the prospects of life without pollinators and the effects that are taking place with regards to the long term damage done without any proper monitoring.


With a little help in changing global policy towards pollinators could we see a significant change to the insect world and bring balance back to natures important creatures that pollinate our crops and flowers. If we ignore the warning signs now will we see the eventual collapse of our pollinators.


Once the collapse of honey bees and other polinators takes place will the human race then be at a tipping point as the food chain itself will begin to fail and then it could be a fight for the very survival of our way of life itself. Unthinkable this maybe, but possible it is. This world is a precious place and is worth saving. You can make a difference, take action today.


Once again you can do your bit by lobbying your MP, local or central Government or join one of the groups mentioned above, alternatively you could find out what is happening in your local community 'bee wise' and join a nature club, a bee club or plant insect and bee friendly plants throughout the year in your garden, common areas, public spaces, in fact any space that could be turned in to a plant pollinating friendly places. (See link to pollinating friendly plants for more information).


It is a well known fact that bees and other pollinators survive better and longer in inner cities and suburbs partly due ample flora found on mass in our back gardens, parks and wastelands. Of late many city dwellers have taken to heart the plight of the humble bee and have made enormous efforts to tip this balance. The fight is not over yet as this is only a small army of people and bees need all the help they can get. Take your own action to help bees.


Take up our fight and support beekeepers in their flight to keep the bee population buzzing all year round.