Interesting Links & Stuff

We think the links below may be of interest to you as we have found these sites to be very helpful to beekeepers.




British Beekeepers' Association


The National Bee Unit


Susan & Jack's Recommendation from the US



Bee Suppliers

E H Thornes (Beehives) Ltd



Other Bee Web Sites Like Us That We Are Reaching Out To In Order To Share Beekeeping Information -


Kiwi Mana This is a friendly BEE web site like ours they are doing their bit for BEES in New Zealand - Our friends from America have some interesting advice on pollinator gardens.


BJ Sheerriff International


Good Books To Read


David Cramp - A Practical Manual of Beekeeping


Alison Benjamin / Brian McCullum - Bee in the City - The Urban Beekeepers Handbook


Ted Hooper - Guide to Bees & Honey: The World's Best Selling Guide to Beekeeping


Alan Campion and Gay Hodgson -Bee at the Bottom of the Garden


Haynes - Bee Manual (Beginners Guide)